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We Aussies spend a whopping $7 billion on lawnmowing and landscaping every year. And you can’t blame us! Not only is it deeply satisfying to look outside at a beautiful, well-kept garden, but – and here’s the real kicker – it can also add serious value to your home.

Want to find out about the specific landscaping ideas that have this glorious financial effect? You’re in the right place. From using trusty Brisbane mulch to adding atmospheric outdoor lighting, here are 5 cheap landscaping ideas to bring your home to life!

  1. Invest in Quality Turf

Aspiring buyers can’t resist a luscious lawn. It’s a killer way to make a great first impression and sends all the right messages about the house itself! They’ll take one look at that verdant patch of land and assume you’ve gone to as much trouble inside the property as out.

So, head on down to the local garden centre and invest in some quality turf. Don’t forget the underturf though! Our underturf is packed with nutrient-enriched organics that’ll give your new lawn the best shot at success.

  1. Create a Fire Pit

Long summer nights and family BBQs are ten times better with a fire pit to light! You can rest assured that installing one outside will be an almighty draw for aspiring buyers. In the meantime, you and the family will love sitting around it, warming your palms, and toasting marshmallows on the flames.

Sound good? Well, before you jump into action, it’ll be a good idea to create a base of gravel for stability. We have various gravels available that’d be perfect for the task.

  1. Landscape with Brisbane Mulch

Any Aussies looking for cheap landscaping ideas should consider investing in some Brisbane mulch! Using this organic material outside has myriad benefits. It’ll help your soil retain its moisture, reduce the need for watering, protect plant roots from extreme heat/cold, and provide essential nutrients, among others!

If you’re interested, we have a bunch of different mulches available. From Forest Mulch and Cypress Garden Chip to Tea Tree mulch, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and budget.

  1. Create Privacy

Nothing ruins the buzz quicker than a nosy neighbour. If you know the struggle, then consider planting some new trees in strategic locations! You’ll keep out prying eyes and add value to your home in the process.

Be sure to plant those Bottlebrushes, Wattles, Paperbarks, and Eucalypts in good quality garden soils though. Don’t, and they may not get the water and nutrients they need to thrive! You can’t go wrong with our Premium Organic Garden Soil.

  1. Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Last but not least, why not delight those would-be buyers with some atmospheric outdoor lighting? It’s an amazing way to showcase your outdoor space at night, create a cosy vibe for evenings spent outside, and enjoy various practical perks too (i.e. no more banging into things in the dark!). For example, you could:

  • Suspend festoon lights over the pergola
  • Install solar lights along the garden path
  • Put soft uplighting in the plant pots
  • Wrap trees with fairy lights

Try These Cheap Landscaping Ideas Today

Landscaping isn’t just a popular pastime. It’s a genuine investment! Creating a stunning outdoor space helps you make the most of your land and makes the entire property more attractive to buyers. With any luck, the landscaping ideas in this article will prove useful on both fronts.

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