How to Help Your Garden Survive The Heat | Protect Your Garden

Summer is the best time of year to get outside and enjoy your backyard but it’s also a time when gardens are most vulnerable. Our volatile weather in Brisbane is very hit-and-miss. We often have too much rain or too little rain which can make being a green thumb a challenge.

So how do you protect your garden in very hot and dry weather? Plants need to be watered, but if your water bill is high or if you live in an area with water restrictions, water isn’t the only answer. Let’s look at the top tips to keep your garden green without breaking the bank.

Mulch It Up

Mulch is the best way to protect your garden because it will not only help keep moisture in, but it will also retain nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, which are essential for plant growth. If you’re planting a new garden or renovating an old one, take some time to prep the soil by adding mulch.

A 5-10 cm layer of mulch or compost is ideal as it will work wonders on your soil. An un-mulched garden loses up to 50% more moisture than mulched gardens! Not only does mulch lock in moisture, but it also helps to keep your soil cool, prevent weeds from stealing nutrients and moisture, and prevent compaction. Find your Brisbane mulch supplier here.

Think Big- Protect Your Trees!

Trees are a big asset to your garden and it’s worth it to keep them healthy. They assist in protecting your garden from the full sun by providing solace with shade and they help to keep your garden soil cool. A fantastic method of protecting trees from drought is to drill several holes around the base of your tree (about half a meter deep) and fill them with compost! The compost will allow water to run to the roots of the tree to keep it moist and healthy. Be sure to stay away from the trunk when drilling.


The best time to water your garden is in the morning when the plants will have all day to dry out. Watering at this time also helps prevent fungal diseases that thrive in wet conditions. Instead of sprinkling your garden lightly with a hose, use a sprinkler so you can make sure to reach all parts of your garden without doing any harm by overwatering. Remember that you should never keep soil completely saturated with water for long periods of time; just keep it moist instead!

Conserve Water

Having a dry summer in Brisbane is not enjoyable for anyone. Reducing your water usage is important during the dry hot months yet we need to keep our gardens and lawns alive. Here are some tips to help conserve water and reuse it in your garden:

-Turn off sprinklers when they’re not needed

-Save the water used for steaming vegetables and cooking pasta

-Collect the initial cold water that runs in your shower with a bucket. It takes a bit of time for your shower to reach your ideal temperature, so don’t waste the water while you wait!

-Reuse the unwanted ice from your weekend BBQ. Instead of mindlessly emptying your esky once your drinks are finished, use that precious H2O to help protect your garden from drying out.

There is no doubt about it that our weather can often be feast or famine. As garden lovers, we need to be creative and use the resources at hand to protect your garden from the harsh elements that we tend to endure.

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