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Veggie-Grow-Soil - Brisbane's Best Soil

Veggie Grow

Are you wanting to grow your own food?

Take the preparation work out of preparing the perfect soil as we have done it for you. With a PH level consistently around 7, we have blended composted organics with rich top soil to produce a happy growing medium for food.

Our closely monitored composting process is conducted over a 16 week cycle, producing a high quality, highly consistent product exceeding Australian standards for compost, soil conditions and mulches (AS4454) and soils for landscaping and garden use (AS4419).

Premium Garden Soil - Cheap Brisbane Soil Delivered

Veggie Grow Soil

PLEASE NOTE: *Prices exclude GST

*Prices include delivery to most South Brisbane suburbs,
all other suburbs may incur an additional delivery fee – please see our delivery calculator below to calculate any additional fees that may apply to your suburb.

5m3 Delivered $420.00
6m3 Delivered $460.00
7m3 Delivered $500.00
8m3 Delivered $540.00
9m3 Delivered $580.00
10m3 Delivered $620.00
11m3 Delivered $660.00
12m3 Delivered $700.00
13m3 Delivered $740.00

Calculating Delivery To Your Suburb

Our prices include delivery to all Bayside and Redlands areas and most South Brisbane suburbs.
Search your suburb below for any additional delivery charges that may apply.

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