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Looking for garden supplies to enhance the natural beauty of your yard? Well, why not start with soil? Soil types vary even within relatively small geographical areas. Plenty of rich, red, fertile soil has blessed many gardens in the Redlands area. In other parts of Brisbane and the Gold coast, the soil can be more gravelly but still balanced and loamy.

Whichever way you want your garden to grow, a little extra help will never go amiss. Read on for 5 garden supplies that’ll suit your beds down to the ground.

1. Organic Garden Soil
Organic Garden Soil tends to pack a punch with nutrient-enriched organics from aged, composted vegetation, manures and screened topsoil. It’s going to provide your plants with all the food and nutrients they require.

This type of soil reduces any need for artificial fertilisers. When you dig it in, it will improve the physical properties and health of the existing soil. It’s an ideal all-rounder for seeds, veggies, plants and flowers, helping to protect against disease along the way.

2. Garden Mulch
Garden Mulch is your multi-purpose friend. Some varieties like Cypress Garden Chip keep beds looking neat and tidy but there’s more to mulch than aesthetics.

They hold in valuable moisture, keeping the soil underneath moist and reducing the need to use hoses or sprinklers significantly.

Garden Mulch helps the soil’s overall structure and improves drainage. Some varieties, like Tea Tree Mulch, repel termites and attract earthworms, encouraging soil microbial activity along the way.

3. Veggie Grow Soil
Nothing beats the taste of a homemade salad packed with tasty beetroot and flavoursome tomatoes. For best results, your soil needs to have the right PH level. Some Veggie Grown Soils are specially designed to do the job.

Vegetables tend to need soil that drains well and Veggie Grow Soil helps to do just that. Veggies tend to be greedy consumers, needing to absorb plenty of nutrients to keep them healthy (and tasty).

Always go for a high-quality Veggie Grow Soil for a rich topsoil blended with composted organics. When the soil lacks nutrition, the fruits and vegetables that grow within it will miss out too, and so, ultimately, so will you.

Healthier produce tends to taste better. So, even if you don’t miss those extra vitamins in your diet, you might miss the flavour on your plate.

4. Topsoil
If you’re wanting to sew or turf a new lawn, you need the right kind of topsoil. Go for one with a neutral PH and a sandy, plain texture. Not incorporating any kind of quality Topsoil is going to be a false economy.

Topsoils are ideal for top-dressing lawns, applied over the lawn’s surface. That can help smoothen the new lawn out as it grows. They’re also useful after seeding plants, helping to protect your new arrivals as they develop and get established.

Using Topsoil can make or break the success of a garden. Its structure helps to support root development along with the uptake of nutrients and water. Removing topsoil can harm the health of vegetation and often encourages erosion.

5. Decorative Gravel
Even the keenest gardeners have places where they want to expend minimal effort. Decorative Gravel can either do that discreetly or become the star of the show.

Use on driveways and borders to create a seamless flow from the entrance to your property up the front door. Pick up the look by placing it around large potted plants. You could also use it as an alternative to mulch by creating a Decorative Gravel accent.

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