The Best Mulch For Termite Prevention | The Benefits of Mulch

Mulching your garden is extremely important here in Australia due to its impressive ability to retain moisture which is imperative for water conservation. Given our tough climate, keeping your soil moist can reduce the need of watering your garden by 60%!

The benefits of mulch to your garden are vast as are the types and their own unique set of benefits. Read on to learn the benefits such as reducing weeds and even the prevention of termites.

Prevent Termites!

Termites entering your garden is a common enough occurrence due to the termite’s love for moist environments. Finding termites in your garden is common and it certainly poses some risks to your garden and to your home. Some of the risks include:

  • Significant damage to your home if it is not termite treated
  • Termites can eat through your trees and shrubs which may cause them to fall over and cause significant damage to your garden and any surrounding structures.
  • The smallest of termite colonies can quickly multiply into large colonies that can cause catastrophic damage.
  • Termites arriving in your garden will also put your neighbours at risk as the little guys love to travel.

Signs of Termites In Your Garden

If you have been noticing ‘white ants’ around your trees or your timber fence, you may in fact have a termite problem. As termites travel underground, you may find tunnels or channels underground along with some termite hills. Or maybe you have been seeing flying ants or termites in your garden which has caused reason for alarm. Regardless if you have witnessed some or all signs of termites, you have a reason to call a pest inspector for some advice.

Prevention Is Key

If you have found termites in your garden or you are building a new garden, it is important to keep termite prevention at the forefront of your mind when planning your garden beds. As termites love moist environments and timber, applying specific strategies can help you win the fight against these naughty little pests.

Mulch Is Your Best Weapon Of Defence

One of the best ways to prevent termites in your garden is to use termite-repelling mulch. The benefits of mulch are plenty but termite prevention is at the top of the list. While mulch is extremely important to building a thriving garden, so is the type you select. Some mulches may possibly attract termites while others are the best weaponry used to prevent them.

Let’s have a look at some of our top-performing termite-repelling mulches that are in stock and ready for a quick delivery to your Brisbane garden.

Cypress Mulch

One of our more popular choices in termite-repelling mulches is the family of Cypress. In fact, all cypress mulches are a natural termite repellent. This is due to their strong yet beautiful and fragrant aroma that turns termites (and other pests) off leaving them running for the hills.

Cypress mulch has another attractive quality- it is long-lasting! This mulch breaks down much slower than its competitors making it lower maintenance which always catches the eye of a seasoned green thumb.

This is also a pet and child-friendly mulch making it a popular choice for Brisbane gardeners.

Tea Tree Mulch

This aromatic mulch is pleasant for both your sight and your nose! This is an attractive mulch that is ground from the wood and bark of melaleuca trees. The scent of tea tree mulch repels termites naturally but is also earthworm friendly which provides your garden with additional and most welcomed nutrients.

The Winning Solution

So there you have it, the benefits of mulch are plenty. The use of cypress and tea tree mulch not only protects your garden from unwanted weeds but most importantly, protects your garden and your home against termites. Conserve water and prevent pests with these two mulches and your garden will live happily ever after!

We at Brisbane Soils are gardening experts who love to provide you with sound advice while delivering our premium mulches and soils in the Brisbane area. If you love wholesale prices and quick and friendly service, get in touch with us today.

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